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Hello, I'm Wei Yang.

  • Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics and Statistics at Binghamton University, interested in Random Matrix Theory and Data Science.
  • Graduated from Baruch College, where the areas of study concentrated in Economics, Financial and Actuarial Mathematics.
  • Having more than 4 years of practical experience in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science.
  • Proficient in multiple scripting languages, including Python, R, Javascript and Julia.
  • My favorite book is The Sensory Order by F. A. Hayek. A book on theoretical psychology from 1952 (as a point of reference, the Perceptron Algorithm is invented in 1958). It's surprising to see that Hayek's theory closely resembles our modern understanding of Neural Network Models.

  • I'm currently intern at The AES Corporation, where I'm applying Machine Learning, Data Science and Random Matrix methods to projects in Renewable Energy and Commodity Trading.
Mathematics Data Science Random Matrix Programming Finance Economics Machine Learning
Renewable Energy
  • Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals πŸ”—
  • How Google does Machine Learning πŸ”—
  • Launching into Machine LearningπŸ”—
  • TensorFlow on Google CloudπŸ”—
  • Feature EngineeringπŸ”—
  • Sequence Models for Time Series and Natural Language ProcessingπŸ”—

  • Master Python for Data Science, LinkedIn Learning πŸ”—
  • Master SQL for Data Science, LinkedIn Learning πŸ”—
  • Learning Regular Expressions, LinkedIn Learning

  • EXAM P Probability, Society of Actuaries πŸ”—
  • EXAM FM Financial Mathematics, Society of Actuaries πŸ”—
  • Google Cloud ☁ Python SQL Data Science Probability Financial Mathematics
  • The AES Corporation - Digital Solutions and Innovation
    Data Science Intern
    May 2022 - Present
    • Too early for a summary
    Forecasting Commodity Trading
    Renewable Energy
    Machine Learning
  • Binghamton University - Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Teaching Assistance / Instructor
    2016 - Present
    • Taught over 300 students in courses in Statistics, Linear Algebra and Calculus.
    • Produced over 200 pages of supplementary notes to help students in understanding concepts.
    • Devise quiz questions based performance data, observed an average increase of 20% in scores between first and final exam.
    • Conduct tutoring sessions during office hours. Reach out to students to give suggestion and timely feedback.
    Instructor Binghamton
  • Graduate Student Organization at Binghamton
    Student Senator
    Sep. 2021 - Present
    • Attend senate meetings and committee meetings, on behalf of over 70 graduate students in department.
    • Attend Senate meetings and committee meetings, on the behalf of over 70 graduate students in the department.
    • Communicate with colleagues in math department on pertinent issues raised during meetings.
    Student Senator Graduate Student Organization
  • Queensborough Community College
    Math Tutor
    Feb. 2014 - Aug. 2016
    • Worked with students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    • Guided students in developing study strategies and good study habits.
    • Led group and one-on-one tutoring session for struggling students.
    • Tutored students in courses including algebra, trigonometry, calculus and linear algebra.
  • Handwriting Recognition Web Application
    • Balanced an unbalanced image data set by generating randomly perturbed images from the existing ones, the resulted data set contains over 2,500,000 28 Γ— 28 pixel images with 62 labels.
    • Trained a Convolutional Neural Network model with the generated data set in Python with TensorFlow, achieving 90% accuracy. The model is then exported as a JavaScript object, for web deployment.
    • Created a Handwriting Recognition Web Application with the trained model, and deployed to the project web page.
    • The deployed app can be found on the page Neural Networks πŸ”—.
  • Handwriting Recognition Imbalanced Data TensorFlow Convolutional Neural Network Interactive Web App
  • S&P 500 Market Sectors Reclassification
    • Performed Web Scraping on Wikipedia and Yahoo Finance to extract the data of the S&P 500 companies over the last 10 years.
    • Cleaned, transformed the data, and denoised the transformed data using results from Random Matrix Theory.
    • Performed hierarchical clustering on the denoised data.
    • The Reclassification provides a better understanding of the market, and enabled additional options for portfolio optimization.
  • Clustering Random Matrix Theory S&P 500 Portfolio Optimization
  • RandomMatrix.jl (a registered Julia package)
    • Developed a package to work with matrix-valued distributions.
    • Documented functionalities and deployed the documentation to the package documentation page πŸ”—.
  • Random Matrix Package Documentation
  • Personal Website & Interactive Demos (This website 😊)
    September 2021 - Present
    • Designed a personal website from scratch using JavaScript and HTML, with the purpose of sharing my projects and write about Mathematics and Data Science.
    • Created Interactive Demos to demonstrate ideas in Mathematics and Data Science.
    • This is a long term project, and I will be continuing to update the pages on this website.
  • Interactive Data Science Mathematics HTML JavaScript
  • Binghamton University, SUNY
    Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics (Expected 2022)
    Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics (2018)
    Dissertation Fellowship
    GPA : 3.91/ 4.00
  • Ph.D. Fellowship Mathematics Statistics Binghamton
  • Baruch College, CUNY
    Bachelor of Art in Economics (2016)
    Bachelor of Art in Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy (2016)
    Dean’s List
    GPA: 3.77/4.00
  • Mathematics Economics Philosophy Baruch Dean’s List
  • Francis Lewis High School
    High School Diploma (2011)
    Math Team